Sports are always going to be a big part of our culture, and of course we always see the major sports on television all of the time and they are almost always being talked about in our social circles because so many men don’t really know what else to talk about with their friends so they talk about sports and just keep going on and on about them as if they are actually interesting to talk about while everyone kind of realizes that sports are not necessarily the most interesting topic to just talk about with your friends but are a lot more fun to just go out and do it, and I think when people get in that kind of mindset they understand that they can also start to invent their own sports and then be really creative in the types of entertaining ways to have fun through sports, and of course when we start to get like this that is when some really interesting and creative aspects of sports start to happen, and there are definitely a lot of really obscure sports from around the world that we are going to be talking about throughout this website and in these articles throughout all of them, and this is the very last installment for this site that has been all about the most obscure sports from around the world.

So just because in many of these other articles that we have already done so far we have seen that we have talked about one or two sports per article, and this article might be the same but of course it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that if you don’t want it to be like that you just need to be able to understand that these sports are all really strange and that is why we find them to be really interesting and worth writing about, so thank you so much for going through all of these articles because it is kind of strange what we have been talking about and I think it is probably even stranger that you would stay on a webpage like this for more than three seconds but of course that is all about how you feel about things like this, and for the most part if you do not like to do this type of thing then you should just leave this page immediately, but of course if you are interested in the most obscure sports from around the world then there is something that is really cool for you here so keep on reading and we will make sure that we make it worthwhile for you the readers.

The next big sport that we are going to talk about is parkour or free running, its like getting a ferrari rental and driving a million miles an hour the first time you get in, and I think this sport has become wildly popular all over the place and it is sometimes really awesome what people can do on their feet and in the world, but of course it is also really strange because it is just doing acrobatic tricks wherever possible out in the real world almost like skateboarding, and that is super crazy if you think about it because parkour can be really dangerous and some people are constantly pushing the boundaries when doing this obscure sports from around the world.

So yes free running is definitely one of the most obscure sports from around the world and there are a lot of good reasons to start getting into it because for the most part we all understand that it is something that we all like to do at some point and it is just fun, so next time you’re just walking around outside try to make your adventure from point A to point B a little bit more creative and then you are free running.

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There are definitely a lot of great games out there in the world and I think for the most part people have fallen in love with some of the world’s most popular sports and I think that is partly because we have seen some incredible athletes over the years and this has lead to a lot of entertainment for millions of people and of course just a lot of fun because as much as people love to watch professionals play a sport it is not the same thing and not anywhere near as fun as actually physically going out and playing a sport, and that is something that lot of people like to emphasize about sports is that it is kind of weird that a lot of people are huge fans but never play the sports they like, and I think there are some serious exceptions like with football in which is would be pretty dangerous for a common person to go play a game of football just because the sport is violent, but in terms of other sports like basketball and soccer it is always more fun to play in the game then to just watch it happen these guys can afford to rent Lamborghini, which is also really fun anyways and that is why we have professional leagues of all types to entertain the masses and bring joy to millions of people, and that is power of sports and it is really powerful, but during this website we don’t talk about those sports at all even though we like sports at this site we are going to be talking about the most obscure sports from around the world, and that is the cold hard facts about what is going to happen in this website is that we are going to talk about the most obscure sports from around the world and that means we are going to have a lot of fun just making fun of all these weird sports, so let’s not delay any longer and let’s get going into one our next most obscure sports from around the world and learn something new that we didn’t already know about the world and these weird games!

The next most obscure sports from around the world that we are going to talk about starts off with bossball, and this is a game that is a lot like volleyball but it is actually pretty unique and different. First of all it is all played on a gigantic inflatable court that is really bouncy and allows for players to jump really high in the air, and one player on each team is in a trampoline zone right in front of the net sot that also allows for a lot of really awesome shots when they time up that player’s jump perfectly for a spike. But yes, Bossaball is a real sport and it actually requires a good amount of athleticism and actually looks like a bunch of fun too, which generally is the case with all of these obscure sports from around the world.

The next most obscure sports from around the world that we are going to talk boaut is extreme zorbing and I think a lot of people have seen videos of zorbing, which are like those gigantic life sized hamster balls that people roll down hills in, and they look like a lot of fun because they are a ton of fun but of course this is a sport that is just weird and kind funny in all senses, and it definitely seems like you will get a big headache if you do it for too long, but it is officially one of the most obscure sports from around the world.

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Play Out Your Dream

There are definitely a ton of different obscure sports from around the world and when it comes to the most obscure sports from around the world things really do start to get pretty weird. We are not talking about the simple games that you will see on TV or on the internet, although the internet has helped a lot of the most obscure sports from around the world gain popularity and spread throughout the world, and I must admit that these sports are actually pretty popular and are being thoroughly enjoyed by strange people all over the place, and that is just something that I think a lot of people need to understand and be aware of because who knows you might be the next great athlete of the world and you just didn’t know it yet because you never came across an obscure sport that is actually perfect for you and then you can find your way to fame and become a professional athlete like you’ve always dreamed.

Because let’s be honest in that almost every single American boy who grew up in this country at one point in their lives wanted to be a professional athlete when they got older, and it is pretty common throughout all of the people too because it is pretty much the coolest job you could ever have to play a sport. But what if I told you that you still have a shot at becoming a professional athlete, and you don’t necessarily have to be the most athletic person to become a professional? You might think I’m absolutely crazy, and you still might have a good case for that, but I’m telling you that you could find one of the most obscure sports from around the world and then practice really hard and then become a professional, and you might get made fun of a lot but it would still be a lot of fun and that is exactly what the most obscure sports from around the world are all about, and so there really is no reason to not be interested and keep on reading through all of these articles because they are all about the most obscure sports from around the world and you never know when you are going to find your new dream sport and go all out for it and make it big time!

So the next most obscure sports from around the world that we are going to talk about is called underwater hockey, or octopus, and I think that a lot of people who are not familiar with underwater hockey would understand that this entire sport seems pretty intense and that is because underwater hockey is really intense and requires that you have really good swimming skills because the puck if played at the bottom of a deep end pool, and so just to get in on the action you have to swim down about 13 feet just to be in play, and of course when you run out of breath you have to come up for air and then do the same thing all over again, which kind of makes for a lot of fun and some scary moments underwater, but who cares if you are all having a good time.

Of course under water hockey is a little bit different than regular hockey and it requires a lot of swimming up and down to the bottom of a pool and getting air every so often, which obviously happens very often, and that is just part of what makes this type of sport so funny and awesome at the same time, and of course one of the most obscure sports from around the world.

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Sports are always going to be really popular in our culture because we all just simply love sports for a variety of reasons, and I think as long as we have sports our culture will be oriented around them in some way or another, and it really is funny how much Americans emphasize their major sporting leagues as if they are the golden globes of professional sports leagues and are something that not one other country in the world can come even close to being as good as, except for soccer which America just hasn’t tried at all to have a good league because there is no competing with European leagues at all at this point, although the MLS is starting to get better and better and the talent is starting to be very impressive in the MLS, which is super cool if you know what I mean.

But sports are something that we all should recognize as things that we do not necessarily need in our culture it is just something that we have added into our lives just for a little bit more fun and I think sometimes it is kind of sad to see people who get really into sports because they are just games after all, and when it comes down to it the whole concept of sports and games are just supposed to be for fun, and the sports that we are going to talk about on this page are all about having fun to a really outrageous extent and that is why the sports we are going to talk about on this page have been named the most obscure sports from around the world.

So if you are a big sports fan, or if you don’t like sports at all, then you definitely will understand that this website is about the most obscure sports from around the world and that means this site and these games are for everybody to kind of make fun of because they are really funny, so I hope you have fun reading about the most obscure sports from around the world and feel free to show this page a lot of attention because I have a feeling that it is not going to get any attention at all and that all of this writing is going down the drain of despair and loss like in a hard game of quidditch or something like that, but let’s get back into it and start talking about one of the next most obscure sports from around the world.

The next most obscure sports from around the world is called Wife Carrying, and it is pretty much exactly what you might think it is, and that is that the contestants in Wife Carrying competitions carry their wives through obstacle courses. Now this may seem really strange and weird, and that is simply because it absolutely is one of the most dumb sports ever invented, and it was invented in Finland. There are a lot of professionals in Wife Carrying and there are even world championships every July, and the winner gets a butt load of beer when they get their wife to the finish line. But I think this sport is kind of mean to the poor wives who have to be carried around like luggage in an obstacle course, but that’s just my opinion of wife carrying.

So if you just so happen to be married then you might be really interested in carrying your wife through an obstacle course for a job, and I hope your wife isn’t that big of a girl because that would make it almost impossible, but of course fat women are not typically a part of this sport in any way except maybe the coordinators, but yes if your wife is small then you might have a good athlete on your hands.

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Every time I watch a big sporting event I kind of sit there and wonder just how this all came about and how much money goes into everything involved with something like an NFL football game, and I think the facts are that there is a ton of money in professional sports of all types, and of course when money gets involved to such an extreme degree like in the NFL you can definitely see how money changes the game in a way, but of course the people who get to control that money that they get through the game are really all about it because it is so much money and there is nothing more that anyone else wants besides the fact of getting to the game and doing the best that they can while they make millions of dollars through their salaries as well the endorsement money that they are always making if they are a big superstar and everyone likes them, which happens a good amount of the time although it is still pretty rare.

Now, we are not on this site to talk about sports that have any big endorsement deals or simply a lot of money influencing everything involved in these games because we are here to talk about some of the most obscure sports from around the world, and when we get involved in games and sports like these you will see the true athletic and intuitive power of the human being to be able to come up with all of these strange games that people love to do for fun and of course these games that we are going to talk about are sometimes taken very seriously but they are still one of the most interesting games in the world and a lot of them have a lot of history and traditions involved in them while a lot of other games are relatively new and more of fads than real sports, but they are definitely here to stay and they are definitely obscure sports, so I hope you enjoy and have fun reading about the most obscure sports from around the world.

The next obscure sports from around the world that we are going to talk about are all over the place and mostly in western industrialized culture, because the next sport that is on our list is called Extreme Ironing, and this sport is super funny that combines extreme sports like white water rafting and skiing with ironing a shirt on an ironing board, and I think that is absolutely weird and just out there that it doesn’t make so much sense, but people do this all over the place and it has actually become really popular in recent years.

Extreme Ironing was originated in Britain and then made its way over to the United States and then became really popular through YouTube and other major internet outlets that have allowed for people of all types to be able to become professionals who are starting to get a lot attention, and it’s just super funny in general. But of course the whole point is to make ironing way more extreme than it usually is, because it typically is not very dangerous, but these guys are definitely making it very dangerous and the humor behind it is super awesome as well, and people seriously go to extreme lengths to do some Extreme Ironing. So the next time that you are doing your laundry think about taking that ironing board outside and doing something extreme with it, and who knows you could make a video and then you’re all of a sudden famous because that is pretty much what everyone wants these days anyways.

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Obscure Sports!


Obscure sports from around the world

I think it is pretty safe to say that humans in general no matter where they live or what they do for a living or where they come from or how they go along their daily lives all have a few things in common, and I think that goes a lot deeper than what I’m going to start talking about with things and concepts like divine beauty and things like that, but what I am trying to say that we all have in common is that we all enjoy sports and are big sports fans all over the world.

Maybe it is because you can play sports and break language barriers through games and you can play the game anywhere and it will still be the same sport all over the place, and so in a way sports are a universal culture connector that brings people together, and I think the fact that sports do bring people together means that when we have these types of situations in which we all try to do something important or actually relevant for all of our daily lives like an invention or something like that we really don’t care all that much about these really great advancements in technology or art or anything ingenious at all because all we really need is to have fun playing sports and keep our minds occupied while we exercise and have fun. I think sports are obviously good things for kids to get into because when you are young and you play sports you learn the concept of a team and how teams of people have to come together for a common goal, and that is typically to win the game.

Now, this helps out kids in all aspects of their lives because sports really are a universal language like I said and the things that kids learn while playing sports translates directly off the field, and I think that is kind of why you see a lot of great role models who are at the very top of their professional leagues and that is because they’ve grown up so disciplined towards the games in which they play that they know how to conduct themselves professionally off the field, and that is part of what makes it so fun to be a pro athlete because you get all the ladies and of course you get all the money and of course you got a lot of swagger to with it too.

But this is not always the case, and I know a lot of people are really interested in the major sports of the world like soccer, basketball, football, tennis and other really popular sports, but we are not here on this site to talk about those types of sports at all, and in fact this entire website is completely dedicated to the obscure sports from around the world, and I know that when we get into things like this we are going to have a grand old time talking about it because some of these sports are absolutely crazy and funny in all respects, and the fun part about all of it is that people love them and they go crazy about these sports in other cultures around the world.

So I think you will really enjoy reading more about the most obscure sports from around the world because they are really obscure and funny and you’ll enjoy every minute of learning more about these sports you have never heard of but just so happen to be the most obscure sports from around the world, so enjoy this website and feel free to comment or do whatever you’d like because you might be the only person who ever reads this.









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